In 1938, Willem Hiemstra started a trading company in potatoes. Later on, he invested in a plot in Middenmeer and builded a barn to sort and pack potatoes for the local farmers. When his son Simon took over, Simon added cooling and storage for potatoes and other fresh products.

When the 3rd generation of Hiemstra’s entered the company, things began to change more dramatically. Together with their father Simon, the 3 brothers decided to move the company to a more accessible location next to the highway.

The idea was to develop an agricultural business park, where both Hiemstra and other producers could both grow and efficiently transport their products to market. After consulting the municipality about the zoning process, space for industrial scale greenhouses was added and the Agriport concept was born. It started as a logistical concept, but soon extended it to a synergy concept.


Hiemstra B.V.

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